Development Models

Waterfall Model

The Waterfall model is a disciplined approach, where the phases are executed in a systematic way. This classic life cycle model places a lot of emphasis Requirements Specification and Design Document. The model is rigid and each of the phases has certain deliverables and a review process immediately after a particular phase is over
This model is best suited when a set of high quality, stable user requirements exists and the project requirements are static. The Waterfall Model is great for specifying the individual tasks, roles, and deliverables in the project life cycle.

Iterative Development Model

The incremental model follows a scheduling and staging strategy, in which parts of the system are developed at different times and integrated as they are completed. The basic idea of this model is to develop a software system and iteratively enhance the evolving sequence of versions until the full system is implemented. At each iteration, design modifications are made and new functional capabilities are added.
The Iterative Development Model facilitates the support of changes within the life cycle and is flexible and easy to manage. Here the deliverables are produced early in the software development lifecycle in each iteration hence risk management and Testing is easy.

Agile Software Development Model

The Agile Software Development Model facilitates effective project management and ensures that the deliverables explicitly meet all your functional needs. This method emphasizes on regular communication and follows a controlled, iterative development and prototyping.
This is a collaborative process designed to facilitate smooth, streamlined development that guarantees fast delivery of the software. Agile method helps to minimize the overall risk, and allows the project to adapt to changes quickly and accelerates the delivery of high quality custom software.
We adhere to a best practices methodology to ensure smooth, streamlined development processes with the highest possible degree of success.