Gerp+ (Latex Dipped Products Version) is one of the world’s first ERP suite specially designed for Latex based product manufacturing industry. Gerp+ is a totally integrated ERP solution automating the Sales, Purchase, Production, Inventory, Lab and QC cycles of companies producing Gloves, Balloons, Condoms & similar latex based products.
Gerp+ automates the key business functions of the company and brings in transparency and accountability in the organization, there by helps the management to gain absolute control over men, machine and other resources.
  • Provides complete visibility to all key aspects of the business. The management can get a snap shot view about Inventory Levels, Production status, Capacity Utilization, Wastage and other key business data and thereby helps to manage your business from any part of the world
  • Provides detailed information about cost overruns, abnormal wastages, under-utilized resources (machine/man) for taking quick corrective actions
  • Restricts un-authorized access to the system and also facilitates secure exchange of key business data. Provides required access only to the required people
  • Implements proven and time tested industry best practices there by automatically aligning your business to international standards
  • Monitors key business parameters and sends alerts to key managers when a key business parameter goes above or below threshold levels. This helps to take quick corrective actions to deviations/issues
  • Helps to Control cost, Optimize operations and make best use of available resources thereby ensuring quick ROI for your investments
  • Makes your company System Driven rather than People Driven, thereby ensuring business continuity in case of eventualities
  • Advanced planning capabilities helps to manage execution of multiple orders simultaneously thereby making the best use of available men and machine
  • Helps to evaluate supplier performance in terms of cost, on time delivery and quality of material and thereby plan material procurement
  • Provides many ready to use proven formulations. Facility to add new formulations based on clients’ requirements
  • Audit Trail helps to keep track of who did what at what point of time
  • Past and Present business data available at your fingertips for quick but informed decision making
  • Extensive reporting facility with more than 30 canned reports and dashboard reports