Modern Business Enterprises faces the continuous challenge of maximizing profits by making the best use of available resources. To ensure sustained growth, business enterprises have to quickly respond to changing business conditions. To gain competitive advantage, enterprises have to increase profits by cutting costs and speeding the productive cycle. This requires business to automate and connect their entire value chain using business software systems.

GTI, with its skilled and experienced experts join hands with domain experts to design, develop and implement software systems that would help our valuable clients to connect with their customers and suppliers, gain better business insight, make the best use of man and machine, improve accountability and gain sustained organizational growth.

GTI has the following product divisions

1. Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

GTI’s technology specialists worked hand-in-hand with industry veterans to devise cross-functional and enterprise wide system for a wide range of industries.

These systems helps a business enterprise to streamline their operations, make optimal use of their resources, identify areas of weakness and take pro-active corrective actions, analyze various aspects of the business and devise future business plans, to scale up their operations and to go global and ultimately differentiate them for their competitors and helps them to stay ahead of competition.

GTI’s Enterprise offerings are gerp+ and gcrm+

2. Solutions for Aviation Industry

G-AERO is the speciality division of GTI exclusively dealing with innovative software products meant for Airline industry for Contracts, Cost and Operations management. Designed by Airline industry experts and technocrats, we put technology to its best use to provide totally integrated financial, cost and operations management solutions. G-AERO products are also capable of communicating with an Airline’s existing software applications.

Each of the G-AERO products is focused on delivering innovative results along with tangible, measurable benefits for our valued customers.

G-AERO products, besides providing complete visibility to operations also comes with a set of tools having in-depth reporting capabilities and MIS. G-AERO business intelligence module comes with Dashboard Reports consisting of Charts and Gauges meant for senior managers for informed decision making.

G-COMS Cost Management System for Airlines is an innovative product from G-AERO and is an integrated Cost and Contract Management solution and is a one point source for Contracts, Rates and also the Actual Cost. The solution provides complete visibility to activities at stations and is an excellent tool for Activity based Cost Analysis and Reporting. G-COMS facilitate billing and reconciliation and has provision for Electronic Invoicing and Self Billing. 

Z-BUDGET Airline Budgeting System helps Airlines implement Zero Based Budgeting, which is the most effective budgeting method. Z-BUDGET can collect budget figures from all cost centers, route those budget figures through an internal review and approval workflow and bring the approved figures for consolidation at the head office
G-RPS Airline Route Profitability Analysis System helps Airline adopt the proven 5-Level Profit Contribution approach of route profitability analysis. G-RPS processes the costs and revenues of the Airline to derive exhaustive profitability related analytics for Strategic / Operational Planning and for Revenue Management
G-AERO provides end-to-end technical consultancy and software development support for developing and implementing Airline systems that makes maximum use of your existing software system which suits your specific business needs.
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3. Services

Partnering with industry leaders, GTI has developed a suite of innovative software tools meant for small and medium enterprise to manage certain key aspects of their business.
These software tools can be seamlessly integrated with an organizations existing implementations thereby maximizing the ROI and improving the efficiency of operations. 
GTI’s business solutions are meant to manage certain critical aspects of the business and thereby utilize the resources better and more efficiently.

Business Solutions from GTI are the following

QMAGIK - Customer Flow Management System

QMagik is a comprehensive solution to manage queues in Hospitals, Banks, Telecoms Outlets and other places where customers are to be serviced in sequence. It automates the customer flow management and ensures quick and proper management of service delivery there by increasing Customer Satisfaction. The turn-around-time can be closely monitored to take pro-active actions for increasing efficiency and quality of service. The system also has provision to insert advertisements between token display which can be used for cross selling or up selling. The following are capabilities of QMagik:

  • Highly configurable and driven by parameters to address the changing requirements
  • Flexible, easy to use and scalable
  • Facilitates token display for multiple counters using one display unit
  • Helps to serve customers in a systematic manner
  • Helps to enhance customer satisfaction through an automated queue management logic
  • Provides extensive reporting facility with text reports, graphical reports with bar charts, pie graphs, etc with respect to efficiency, turn-around-time etc.
  • Can also be used for introducing new products & services and for launching awareness campaign using an advertising medium. This feature can also be used for alternate revenue generation